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Charles J. Isaacs, DDS
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Dr. Charles Isaacs


Dr. Isaacs is a graduate of New York University's College of Dentistry. When asked what he like most about his work, he says, "I really enjoy the interaction with my patients, talking to people from all different walks of life, and helping to improve the health of their teeth and the beauty of their smiles."


Dr. Isaacs enjoys traveling and quiet time with family and friends. He also appreciates participating in community service, the most rewarding having been weeklong outreach programs to Latin America with a group of fellow medical professionals, where they were able to provide free dental care for several hundred children and adults. He says that those experiences have been “quite honestly, the most fun I’ve had as a dentist — it’s just pure doctor-patient interaction.”

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*Hartsdale and Scarsdale are closed Wednesdays.

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