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Are You Planning To Get Multiple Dental Implants?

A dental implant placement procedure is done to replace the root of a tooth with a metal, screw-like post. It replaces a missing or damaged tooth with an artificial tooth that looks and functions much like the real one. Dental implant surgery is performed in a number of steps depending on the health of your jawbone and the type of implant you are getting.

During a standard dental implant surgery, the damaged tooth is removed first and the jawbone is prepped for surgery. This may involve a bone grafting procedure. The implant is then inserted into the gum line as soon as the jawbone heals. The jaw is given more time to heal again and the dental surgeon proceeds to place the abutment and attaches the artificial tooth on top as the final step of the implant surgery.

What is Multiple Dental Implant Placement?

If you are missing two or more teeth, you will need several dental implant posts to restore your smile. A multiple dental implant procedure is done the same way as placing a single implant. The only difference is that this procedure is repeated according to the position and number of missing teeth. Protective caps are placed over the implant posts as soon as they are well secured in place. This is done to protect the areas around the posts from bacteria. Until the implants fuse with the jawbone, these protective caps keep the shape of the soft tissue. The implants typically fuse with the bone mimicking the natural tooth in a few months.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Multiple Dental Implants?

Before you proceed with your dental implant procedure, it is useful to understand the costs of dental implants. A standard dental implant post costs between $500 and $1500 on average. Additional implant posts are normally offered for cheaper and insurance usually cover part of the total cost for your tooth replacement procedure. Today, dental insurance providers now cover most dental implant procedures.

How to Determine the Required Number of Implants

The total number of dental implant posts you will need depends on the shape and size of your oral structure, as well as the type of restoration the dentist needs to perform. You can expect the following:

  • One implant

This is used to support a single dental crown to replace a tooth. In some instances, it supports two fused replacement teeth that use the same implant.

  • Two implants

These implants are used to support a fixed prosthetic bridge with one placed on each end. For some patients, only two implants are needed to support a small partial denture.

  • Three or more implants

About three to six dental implant posts are used to support most dentures, whether they are partial or full.

At Guerrino Dentistry, we offer a wide range of tooth replacement options like dental implants. If you are missing multiple teeth, our highly qualified dental specialists will help restore your smile. Contact our team today to learn more about our multiple dental implant tooth replacement solutions.