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Can Cancer Survivors Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants refer to surgical placement of artificial titanium, screw-like tooth in the jaw, which looks and operates the same way as your natural tooth. Dental implants are the best kind of tooth replacement option out there in the market today. However, not everyone may be suitable to do dental implant treatment, especially for patients who have undergone treatment for cancer. If you or your loved ones is a cancer patient, read on to find out if you or your loved ones are eligible to get dental implants.

Location of radiation therapy

If you undergone radiation therapy, the risk of failure for your dental implant will be significantly higher than that of other patients. Modern medicine and advanced technology have allowed radiation treatment to be concentrated in a single area. Therefore, if your radiation treatment is at places far away from your mouth, you may still be okay to do dental implants. However, for patients who underwent radiation therapy in the head or neck area, it is very likely to have caused damage to your haw. This makes you unsuitable for dental implant as the dental implants might be 2 or 3 times more likely to fail as compared to that of a normal patient. The amount of radiation you are exposed to also have an impact on the rate of failure. All in all, the further away the radiation treatment is from your mouth, the higher rate of success your dental implants will be.

What If the Radiation Treatment Happened a Long Time Ago?

There are many patients who believe that it will be fine to do dental implants since their radiation treatments happened a long time ago. However, this is not the case. As long as you did receive radiation treatment before, it can cause major problems and increase the risk of failure for dental implants. It is important that you inform your dentist about all radiation treatments, regardless of how long ago it happened.

Consult Your Oncologist

There are many factors you need to consider when determining if you are suitable to do dental implants, post-radiation therapy. If you are unsure, consult your oncologist and your dentist. Make sure that both parties know your medical history and inform them of your concerns. Be fully aware of all the risks involved in the dental implant surgery before making a decision.

Ask Guerrino Dentistry

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