Dental Hygiene Exams in Westchester NY | Guerrino Dentistry
The Scarsdale location is now closed, and patients are referred to Mt Vernon and Hartsdale locations.

Why Do You Need Dental Exams?

An hour-long dental exam is enough for a dentist to evaluate all aspects of your teeth and soft tissues. Your dentist will be able to uncover any potential trouble spots in their early stages. When you catch problems early on, they will be less expensive, less painful, and much easier to treat.

Dental Exams Guerrino Dentistry

What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Dental Exams?

Our dental specialists will discuss your desires and goals pertaining to a specific dental treatment. We may facilitate digital dental X-rays to fully examine your teeth. If necessary, we may also perform an oral cancer-screening exam. To enhance your smile and complement your exam, we can perform thorough dental cleaning and polishing too.

That's not all. We also aim to promote good at-home oral health practices. You will receive a take-home bag that includes a tongue cleaner, rubber tip stimulator, floss, and a new interdental brush or toothbrush.