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Dental Implants Deserve Tender Loving Care?

How do you cope with a missing tooth? Do you have to hold your laughter when told a joke or smile shyly during photo session? You have the option of dental implant to replace missing tooth as an alternative treatment option now. On top of replacing your missing tooth, it can also be used to stabilize dentures for function and comfort purposes. Continue reading to understand how and why it is vital that your dental implant deserves the tender loving care.

More About Dental Implants

Dental implants have been used for several decades, they are artificial replacements for natural tooth roots that resemble screws or cylinders. They are commonly used in either or both the upper and lower jaws and are attached to the jawbone and gum tissues so that it is stable to function as a base for the custom artificial replacement teeth, known as dental crowns. Some other functions of dental implant include restoring the ability for one to chew food effectively and help to fill out sunken-looking face due to missing teeth.

Tender Loving Care For Dental Implants

It is no hard work to ensure the longevity of an implant, however, consistent effort is necessary. You may also consider utilizing specific brushing techniques to keep your dental implant clean and free of destructive plaque and bacteria that can possibly result in infection in the tissues surround the implant, and ultimately, leading to failure.

You may consider the following cleaning routine if you have a single implant installed:
  • Using low-abrasive toothpaste and a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean your teeth at least twice daily helps to maintain your dental hygiene and care for your gum
  • It is essential to brush around and also under the implant crown, cleaning deeper into the hard-to-reach places with nylon coated interdental brush.
  • Flossing plays an important part of your daily dental regime as it can help to remove plaque and food debris from between your teeth. You may consider implant-specific floss or unwaxed tape to protect your teeth further.
  • Utilizing an oral irrigator or mouthwash helps to keep your breath fresher and it eradicates the growth of unwanted bacteria in your mouth.

Aside from yourself, the implant recipient, your dentist has an important role in helping to keep your dental implant disease-free. Traditional dental hygienist might use natural chompers which has a high possibility that it will leave your implant or crown scratched, but dental hygienist have switched to using special gizmos made from resins and plastics to clean and protect your dental implant without causing major damage. It is vital that dental recipients visit the dentist regularly for checks and cleaning to extend the longevity of the dental implant or crowns.

Visit Guerrino Dentistry for professional and friendly dentists who are more than happy to share advice on your dental regime and help you to maintain and provide tender loving care for your teeth.