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Sabiya M. Amanat, DDS
Pediatric Specialist

Dr. Sabiya M. Amanat of Guerrino Dentistry

Guerrino Dentistry is pleased to introduce you to our new Pediatric Specialist Sabiya M. Amanat, DDS. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Sabiya will be heading up our Pediatric division.

Dr. Sabiya is specifically trained to provide dental services to all ages of children from infants to teens. She is committed to helping children learn how to care for their teeth and loves to spend time getting to know each patient, so your child feels that they have a friend who just happens to be their dentist.

Dr. Sabiya received her BA degree from Barnard College in 1992 with a major in Anthropology and continued her education by obtaining her dental degree from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in 1996. Immediately following her dental education she obtained her specialty certificate in Pediatric Dentistry from Long Island Jewish Schneider’s Children’s Hospital in 1998 with an emphasis on children, special needs children and medically compromised children. In addition to private practice, Dr. Sabiya was an attending at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine from 1999 to 2008 and an active member of the dental school admissions committee from 2003-2007.

Dr. Sabiya was born and raised in Long Island and has resided in Manhattan since college. She is the mother of three boys. As a dentist she understands the importance of early prevention and detection of caries and as a mother she understands the busy life style of raising children in the city, questions of when to bring a child to the dentist and the thoughts many parents feel,

Dr. Sabiya is dedicated to providing pediatric dental care in a warm nurturing environment and providing the best treatment for your child.

Please call today to schedule your children's next dental check-up with Dr. Amanat!