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Goodbye Loose Dentures; Hello Dental Implants!

Are you tired of being afraid of eating out due to fear of your dentures falling off as you bite on a delicious cheeseburger? Are you done with the daily hassle of removing your dentures every night before going to bed and having to putting them back on the next day? If the answers to both questions are yes, then dental implants is the way to go.

Problems Associated With Loose Dentures

Dentures become loose for a number of reasons, the main one being the changing shape of your jawbone. Apart from making it extremely difficult for you to socialize with other, loose dentures interfere with your nutrition because they make it difficult for you to eat a balanced diet. Not consuming a balanced diet puts you at risk of oral and general health problems that could easily be avoided while using dental implants.

How to Use Dental Implants to Stabilize Loose Dentures

Dental implants inserted into the jawbone offer the best resting space for implant supported dentures. Even though you will still have to take your dentures out for a thorough clean, you will no longer worry about them falling off and embarrassing you while in public. Dental implants firmly hold your dentures in place making it easier for you to talk and eat.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

There are a number of advantages associated with getting dental implant supported dentures. Firstly, since the implants are inserted at the front of the jaw where the bone is stronger and thicker, there will be no need for a bone graft. Secondly, this treatment is generally cost-effective and quite affordable as few dental implants will be used to stabilize the lower denture.

Replacing Your Denture with a Fixed Arch

If you are considering the complete removal of old dentures, opt for a beautiful bridge of fixed teeth. This bridge will also be supported on dental implants either by being cemented or screwed in place. In this case, only a certified dentist can take them out if he/she thinks they need to be cleaned. Since you will not be required to keep taking the fixed arch off, this option is better because it is just like having your natural teeth once again.

Compared to an implant retained denture, this option needs a higher number of dental implants to fully support the bridge. Nonetheless, both options will help prevent further bone loss, preserve your jawbone, and help you regain your smile.

To find out whether dentures or dental implants suit you, schedule a consultation with one of our dentists at Guerrino Dentistry. Our specialists will assess your jawbone and advise you on all viable options. Contact our friendly team to learn more about the services that we offer.