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How Do Bone Grafting Procedures For Dental Implants Work?

Are you searching for a safe and lasting solution to your missing tooth? There are many ways a person can lose their teeth – infection, injury or periodontal diseases. But there are limited options to replacing your precious teeth and dental implant is one of the common and popular solutions. It is an artificial root inserted into your jaw to hold your bridge or replacement tooth in place, steadily. As it does not require any support from the surrounding teeth, it can assist in saving your other tooth. The other good news is that, this procedure allows the implant to function, look and feel natural! However, you might be subjected to bone grafting in order to insert the dental implant smoothly.

Bone Grafting Must Know

Bone grafting includes obtaining bone from an animal or cadaver source to replace missing bone as it provides lesser morbidity and prevents a second surgical site with equally high success rates. Traditionally, the process involves transplanting a piece of bone from a part of the patient’s body to his jawbone but as technology advances, alternative options open up. It takes several months for the surgical site to heal and grow sufficient new bones to support the actual placement of the new dental implant. With the healing, the dental professional will proceed to place titanium dental implant post into the jawbone. After the site healed, the dental professional will place an extension of the implant’s metal post into the jaw. Each stage of the procedure may take up to several months to heal so that the placement is secured. After the soft tissues recovered, molds of the jawbone and teeth will be taken for the final procedure of inserting the tooth to happen.

Post Bone Grafting And Dental Implant Knowledge

Bone grafting procedures are time consuming, but it is a vital and necessary part of the implant process to ensure that the implant is secured and long-lasting. Patients should expect some typical discomfort during the process such as bruising or gum-swelling or even minor bleeding, but these side effects should dissipate quickly. Be ready for some soft food diet restrictions as your surgical site is healing following the bone graft and implant procedures. Your dental professional will advise you on the necessary dieting restrictions and how to care during the healing processes.

As bone grafting and dental implant procedures are sensitive and requires multi-stage procedure, it is important to undergo these procedures with a professional and responsive dental clinic. If you are searching for a reliable and friendly clinic, visit Guerrino Dentistry who has a team of friendly and responsive dental professionals who will assist you through the procedures. These extensive procedures should only be performed by a board-certified specialist in periodontology and dental implant surgery, do ensure that you consult an experienced surgeon. The results will definitely be worth your efforts, a healthy set of teeth and the confidence to flash your smile anytime.