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How Do Dental Implants Affect Existing Teeth?

If you decide to get dental implants, you have just taken a big step toward improving your smile. Dental implants help to cover gaps in your teeth caused by missing teeth. Implants involve the surgical insertion of a titanium rod into the gum, which then fuses with the jaw bone to create a strong and firm anchor. A crown or bridge is then placed on top of the rod or crown and this acts as the new tooth. Dental implant technology has come a long way and today, you can get implants that match the color of your teeth and will stay in place for many years. You might, however, be wondering how dental implants affect your existing teeth.

No Healthy Teeth Loss

In the past, getting bridges and other tooth replacements involved chipping away at adjacent teeth to make them fit. With dental implants, your teeth will stay intact as titanium rods are used to anchor your crown or bridge, and not the adjacent teeth. This negates any need to remove the adjacent teeth or to shape them in any other way. The fact that they are also not anchored on the adjacent teeth makes it a more hygienic option than old bridges that were anchored on adjacent teeth.

Structural Support

Dental implants help to support the rest of the teeth by absorbing the force that comes from chewing food. This is because dental implants and crowns function exactly like a normal tooth and can help to increase the bite force and avoid overworking the rest of the teeth. This often results in healthier and stronger teeth.

Fit in the Gaps

Dental implants are designed to fit precisely in the gaps that are left when a tooth is missing. This means that when professionally done, your dental implants will have a natural appearance and fit. Modern technology can produce dental implants and crowns that match the color of your teeth, making the blending process even more precise.

No Special Care

Your dental implants function exactly as your teeth would and no special care is needed beyond one's normal oral health care plan. This makes it easier for you to take care of your overall dental health without undergoing any special procedures. It is, however, important to note that regular visits to your dentist are important especially after the surgery. This allows the dentist to monitor the healing process and to catch any issues that may arise post-surgery. Once your dentist declares that you have fully healed, you can go back to regular dental exams once every six months as part of an effective oral care regime.

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