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Smoking And Dental Implants

It is general knowledge that smoking is harmful for your health and the numerous negative effects that smoking has on our lungs and overall health. But does smoking rule out the possibility of dental implant? Are smokers not eligible for dental implant procedures?

Dental Implant Assessment

One has to undergo health assessments before any procedures and dental implants are no different. Your dental professional will assess the condition of your gum and mouth before proceeding with the dental implant procedures. Although it is possible to get dental implants even if you smoke, however, it will negatively impact the chances of a successful dental implant without adequate self-control during the course of dental implant procedures. Some dentists may refuse to proceed with the implant if you are a heavy and have smoked for a long period of time. However, it all depends on the condition of the underlying jawbone and gums.

It is neither fun nor a joke to experience failed dental implant, smoking is commonly associated with several types of dental infection such as peri-implantitis, gum tissue loss, bone loss in the jaw and even periodontal diseases. This raises the chances of gum infection during the healing process which directly affects the success rate of your dental implant.

E-Cigarettes VS Regular Cigarettes

Many have opted for e-cigarettes due to lower cost and the bad tobacco breath. But is e-cigarette a safer version of cigarettes compared to the traditional cigarettes with regards to dental implants? The answer is that it is unlikely to be less threatening to your dental implant success rate as the steam inhaled with e-cigarettes still contains nicotine and causes similar effect on the mouth as a regular cigarette.

Smoking And Dental Implants

What is an alternative to help a smoker get dental implant? It is best to avoid smoking for at least a week before the procedure if you want to have the best possible experience with dental implant and to see better results. It is also advisable to not smoke for at least two months after the implant placement to allow the osseointegration period to complete without the negative effects of smoking as the chances of complications are high if the implant recipient were to smoke before, during and after the stages of the dental implant procedure.

Seek professional help with your dental implant and consult your dentist on how to achieve the desired results from the implant procedure even when you are a smoker.