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Surprising Facts About Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most common dental procedures that most people consider when they have damaged or missing teeth. There are, however, still several misconceptions about dental implants that are worth clarifying before you decide on having them fixed into your mouth.


Dental implants are cavity-proof as they are made up of porcelain and titanium, thus decay cannot get to them. However, they still need proper aftercare processes to prevent adjacent teeth from getting infected and to allow them to last much longer.

Success Rate

Dental implants have several crucial benefits, including a success rate of 95% that could increase further with the aid of technology and proper aftercare. The combo of all these factors would ensure your dental implants last as long as possible, ensuring that your investment is worthwhile.

Chewing Ability

Dentures only give users at most 30% of chewing ability, whereas dental implants are able to restore the chewing ability of a person of up to 70%. This is a huge difference which is incredible in our opinion and should be highly considered. Moving forward, you do not need to risk having your dentures accidentally spat out onto the dinner table and experience embarrassment.

Diet Monitoring

After having dental implants inserted, you have to carefully watch your food intake for at least six months to a year. This is to allow the implants carefully form with your jawbone to heal to a full structure. You should avoid foods that are crunchy and hard or using your teeth to bite into objects to open them like bottle caps or even food packets. Daily habits like biting of nails and chewing of ice should also be avoided at all costs. Making these changes would make it easier to prevent any disruption of the growing process of the implants around the bones.


Users who are looking to have dental implants inserted onto their jaws are not just focusing on having their missing teeth fixed, but more often than not, they are also trying to fix their self-confidence. Once the dental implants have been rooted in successfully, their self-confidence will likely increase when they can bite, chew, and smile like they used to without being self-conscious.

Affordable Investment

People often have the misconception that dental implants can be really costly but with so many different financial options that are readily available for you to choose from, the process is actually relatively affordable. You can take a look at the different modes of payment including the different insurance plans that our clinic accepts before you decide on the next course of action toward the journey to the new you.

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