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Things To Consider Before Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants provide more than just cosmetic fulfillment alone. Daily activities like eating and chewing will also be further improved once dental implants replace a person’s missing teeth. The treatment procedure first starts with a test performed by a dental practitioner to check on the foundation to determine if it can fit an implant. If suitability is indeed present, an implant made of titanium alloy is fixed and left to heal for a span of 2 to 3 months. Lastly, a crown is placed over the implant to complement adjacent teeth.

Take Time to Consider

Dental implant treatment requires thorough planning and discussion with your dentist, so ask all the questions you need to clear any doubt and do not rush when it comes to making decisions.

Technology Usage

Ask your dentist if any technological advances would be used before and during the treatment process to ensure complete safety. They may include 3D CT scans to monitor nerves, radiation and X-rays, planning software, lasers, and microscopes.

Healthy Bones, Gums, and Teeth

Ensure that the dentist would be assessing the condition of your bones, gums, and surrounding teeth before any implant procedures are carried out to prevent adverse implications. Proper health would ensure lasting effects of the implants.

Post-Grad Qualifications

Find out about the qualifications of your dental practitioner to ensure that you are indeed receiving treatment from a qualified dentist with proper expertise in the field. This is to prevent infections and other problems after the implant procedure has been completed.

Treatment Photos

You can request to see before-and-after photos of previous jobs done by the dentist. This gives you a better picture on what to expect during your own implant treatment.

Treatment Costs

Once you have in-depth clarification about the different treatment options suitable for you, get a comprehensive breakdown of the related costs to help you decide which one best suits your budget.

Potential Failure

Ask your dentist about any failure rate of the treatment as every medical procedure does not come with 100% success rate. This will help to get you prepared mentally beforehand and to set your expectations accordingly.

Post-Treatment Care

Discuss with your dentist the steps to take after the completion of the implant treatment. This would help to prepare you for the aftercare procedures to prolong the lasting effects of the implants. At the same time, you are getting your money’s worth as the implants would be well taken care of.

Second and Third Opinions

Do not settle so early into the thought process as you are free to still seek a second and third opinion before giving your word for a commitment with your dentist. Only stop looking when you are certain with the decision and you are ready to go through with it without any further doubts in mind.

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