Child Orthodontics in Westchester NY | Guerrino Dentistry

Why Do You Need Child Orthodontics?

During one's childhood, it is the most advantageous time to determine the need for orthodontic treatment. This can help approximate the future dental condition of a child. By ensuring timely intervention, there will be a greater chance to achieve the best results. Repairing adult teeth may be expensive. Unnecessary expenses for complicated dental procedures can be avoided when one's dental problems are addressed early on.


What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Child Orthodontics?

By providing special comprehensive dental care for children, Guerrino Dentistry aims to guide pediatric patients toward having a positive attitude toward maintaining proper dental health. Our child orthodontic solutions include Invisalign, ceramic braces, stainless steel braces, retainers, expanders, habit appliances, mouthguards, sportsguards, and many more! Aside from our superb orthodontic services for children, we also educate our little clients about the importance of continuing their dental care through adulthood. Our dental facility is where they can experience a pleasant transition from pediatric to general adult dental care.