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Dental Hygienists

If you’ve spent any time in a dentist's chair, you have undoubtedly received care from a dental hygienist. The people at Guerrino Dentistry understand that these individuals are indispensable. Without them, the office would undoubtedly falter and fail! Dental hygienists cover a multitude of dental aspects from cleaning teeth to x-rays and more. They are the right hand of each and every dentist, who would be lost without them. We pride ourselves in having some of the best, most caring staff members in all of California – and that includes our exceptional dental hygienists.

Guerrino Dentistry | Dental Hygienists

An entry-level dental hygiene program must be completed by all prospective dental hygienists. After a two-year associate program, or a four-year bachelor program, dental hygienists can begin practice. Dental schools and community colleges both typically offer these types of courses. The courses taken in entry-level programs will be those specific to the dental hygiene practice, as well as general sciences.

Before they can treat patients, every state requires a dental hygienist to have a license. For licensure, however, various requirements can be set forth by each state. Generally speaking, an accredited program must be completed, and a licensing exam passed (National Board Dental Hygiene Examination). A practical examination is likely included in this process to demonstrate clinical proficiency.

Hygienists must also complete training in barrier precautions and infection control, maintain a CPR certification, and meet experience requirements.

Why Do You Need Dental Hygienists?

Just as doctors would be lost without their nurses (whether they are willing to admit it or not) dentists rely heavily on their dental hygienists.

The job of dental hygienist is a noble one indeed. Without them, dentists would barely have the time to see but a couple of patients a day. Dental hygienists take over many of the responsibilities that, while being necessary, might ordinarily take away valuable time from dentists and other dental specialists. This frees the dentists and specialists up for drilling, filling, crowns, surgeries, and more.

Dental Hygienists | Our Areas of Specialty

At Guerrino Dentistry, we depend on our dental hygienists for a number of things. Some of these include the following:

  • Educate patients on methods by which they can not only improve their oral health but maintain it.
  • Examine patients for infections or oral diseases such as periodontitis or gingivitis.
  • Execute teeth cleaning procedures.
  • Apply treatments and sealants.
  • They may assist in taking x-rays.
  • Assist in the general delivery of preventative dental care.

Choose Guerrino Dentistry & Work With Our Dental Hygienists

Serving individuals in Mt. Vernon, Scarsdale, and Hartsdale, Guerrino Dentistry can assess your dental health, define new goals, and devise a plan as to how to reach those goals. Our caring staff is sensitive to the needs of individuals that may experience anxiety over dental visits and will put them at ease with a secure, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere. No matter what their misgivings or concerns, we will see to it that they leave our office with true peace of mind and a healthy smile! It's important to us at Guerrino dentistry that our patients feel cared for and safe. For those on a tight or limited budget, we offer insurance plans, credit cards, 0% financing, and more.

Let us introduce our stellar dental hygienists and allow them to discuss, with you, how to achieve a glowing smile. Simply complete this form or call us at the following hotlines: (914) 371-2648 (Mt. Vernon), (914) 371-2823 (Hartsdale), and (914) 826-2963 (Scarsdale) to schedule a dental appointment.

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