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Endodontics dentistry is a term used for dentists whose specialty is using endodontic therapy to maintain teeth. Specifically, endodontics deals with the pulp of your tooth – the soft inner tissue of your teeth. The word endodontics is a medical term which comes from a couple of Greek words: “odont”, which means tooth and “endo” which means inside. Guerrino Dentistry offers such specialized treatments as endodontics to make sure that all our patients receive the care and treatment that they need by the people most suited to execute that treatment and care.


Guerrino Dentistry | Endodontics

Guerrino Dentistry uses high-powered imaging systems and microscopes to detect problems in the slender canals of premolars and molars. These can be difficult to detect or obstructed, so the endodontics specialist is well-versed in issues that most commonly arise. All canals within the tooth must be properly and completely cleaned in order for an endodontics treatment to be considered successful.

Root canals and other dental procedures can be performed by general dentists. Frequently, however, dentists work in collaboration with endodontic specialists to make sure that a patient receives the focused endodontic treatment frequently needed in order to save a tooth.

Why Do You Need Endodontics?

Sometimes, after a root-canal, there is an infection or inflammation that persists in the bony area around a tooth's end. This needs to be taken care of through professional endodontics treatment.

When the pulp of a tooth is inflamed or infected, it can be referred to as endodontic disease. Without treatment, the tooth will die. One of the most common reasons for treating endodontic disease is, as sometimes happens when a tooth breaks, the pulp is exposed.

What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Endodontics?

Guerrino Dentistry offers endodontics for performing required care of the pulp of your teeth. We use the most modern, state-of-the-art technology and equipment with which to accomplish exams and treatments. Procedures performed by our endodontists include the following:

  • Root-canals, root-end resection, apicoectomy
  • Placement of dental dams as preparation for a procedure
  • The administration of local anesthetic
  • Completely examines and x-rays teeth, and more

Should an apicoectomy be required, the patient can expect, within 2 to 7 days of the procedure, the stitches to be removed. After the procedure, about 14 days could go by before swelling and soreness are gone. This is considered surgery but, compared to basic root-canal treatment, is easier to recover from. Look at this way, and endodontist is in the business of saving teeth – whenever possible.

Choose Guerrino Dentistry For Endodontics

Guerrino Dentistry offers cleanings, exams, and endodontic treatments. Our skilled, knowledgeable staff would like you to consider us your one-stop dental office. Is your budget a little tight? No worries. We have several financial assistance programs offering options such as 0% interest credit card financing and other benefits.

In every one of our offices we offer a plethora of dental specialists which you and your family may need at some point in your life. Each location practices fully integrated dentistry. If you are one of our Spanish-speaking clientele, you will be comforted to know that a number of our staff members are bilingual.

Guerrino Dentistry has several locations for the convenience of our patients, including Mt Vernon, Hartsdale, and Scarsdale. Call to book a dental exam with us today.

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