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Individual Implants

Few would argue that a winning smile provides self-confidence and a better general outlook. But for any number of reasons, not everyone possesses a dutifully aligned set of pearly whites. At Guerrino Dentistry, we have the technology and a staff of caring experts with which to provide you with a stunning smile. No matter if you have admirably cared for your teeth all your life or may possibly have fallen away from good dental care for a number of years, we can help. If you have a bad tooth that needs to go, we can replace it with an individual implant.

Guerrino Dentistry | Individual Implants

At Guerrino Dentistry, we will explain to you the difference between a bridge and a singular dental implant. We can also walk you through the choices of individual tooth options available. Once the implant has been placed, an abutment (or post) will be attached. To this your final crown will be provided offering you a natural looking tooth that matches the rest of your newly stunning smile. Perhaps you've been putting off what you feel might be a lengthy procedure. But in no time at all, you will be wondering why you waited so long. Our staff will put you at ease and make your visit as enjoyable as possible with a friendly setting and expert advice and workmanship.

Why Do You Need Individual Implants?

Your dentist, if you currently have one, may have recommended the pulling of a completely destroyed tooth. Or, perhaps, you have suffered some type of dental trauma that knocked the tooth out. Whatever the reason, when you need a tooth replaced, an individual implant is the way to go. Particularly when you consider the advancements made in this area, a dental implant is certainly preferable to leaving a gaping space in what could be a complete set of beautiful teeth. But a dental implant does more than just give you back your attractive smile. It helps maintain bone, preserving healthy jawbone and healthy teeth. It also gives you back full chewing ability so that you can kiss that liquid or soft diet goodbye.

What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Individual Implants?

At Guerrino Dentistry, we offer individual implants, traditional crowns and bridges, and bridge implants. In some cases, a bridge is a better option than a single dental implant. While a traditional bridge or crown will also give you back your winning smile, they have their downfalls. Today, many are choosing single or bridge implants over old-school bridges and crowns.

Choose Guerrino Dentistry For Individual Implants

At Guerrino Dentistry, no matter what procedure you are receiving, from a simple check-up all the way to detailed dental surgery, we want you to feel confident and at ease. Our dentists will fully inform you of each and every step of the procedure before embarking on any treatment. It's important for every one of our clients to make informed decisions about their dental health. We want to give you the fullest understanding possible. Only then can we supply you with superb, expert treatment that has been agreed upon by all parties concerned. To schedule an exam and follow-up single implant with us, simply complete this form or call us at the following hotlines: (914) 371-2823 (Hartsdale), (914) 371-2648 (Mt Vernon), and (914) 826-2963 (Scarsdale).

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