Inlay Restorations in Westchester NY | Guerrino Dentistry

Why Do You Need Inlay Restorations?

Inlay restorations are for those who have decay within the indented top surface of the tooth. Inlays may also be used to replace damaged metal fillings. An inlay is also recommended for broken teeth that have unaffected cusps. An inlay restoration is also the better option if there is a bigger risk of weakening the structure if a dental filling is used to restore damaged teeth. Another reason is when the level of injury does not indicate extraction of enough tooth material in order to support a crown mounting. All in all, inlay restorations are stellar options for restoring a wonderful smile while preventing further tooth decay.

Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Inlay Restorations

What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Inlay Restorations?

At Guerrino Dentistry, our dental experts are trained to perform inlay restorations. We carefully take impressions and have them processed for inlay production right away. While waiting for the inlays to be fabricated, we will place a temporary filling which will be removed once the inlays are ready to be installed. Crowns can be expensive. With our inlay restorations, you can have the best treatment at half the price of a crown.