Periodontal Treatment

Even if you have taken the best care possible when it comes to your teeth and gums, periodontal treatment or surgery may be in your future. If you are one of the many individuals requiring this type of treatment, you will be thankful for the caring, experienced staff and specialists at Guerrino Dentistry. From the initial examination, to discussing your options, to the treatment process itself, your teeth will be in good hands. If you have a certain level of apprehension when it comes to dental visits, don't worry. Our superb care and relaxed, comfortable atmosphere will reassure you, decrease your anxiety, and increase your peace of mind.

Guerrino Dentistry | Periodontal Treatment

Not all gum tissue issues need surgery. There is a special cleaning process involved as the first nonsurgical step toward treating diseased or damaged gums. This is referred to as root planing and scaling. Essentially, it removes tartar and plaque deposits on the root and tooth surfaces. Why have this done? It assists in shrinkage of periodontal pockets and helps heal gum tissue. You may also hear this treatment referred to as "deep cleaning" or "periodontal cleaning".

On the other hand, sometimes gum diseases and gum conditions are severe enough that periodontal surgery is needed. This includes gingivitis and periodontitis. Gum surgery (or periodontal surgery) can decrease the damage that has resulted from gum disease and is an effective treatment in the world of dentistry today. Essentially, you will be re-growing/replacing damaged bones and tissue.

Though this may sound frightening, the dependable specialists at Guerrino Dentistry are here to assist you in, and explain to you, every step of the procedure.

Why Do You Need Periodontal Treatment?

The determination as to whether or not you need periodontal gum treatment or surgery – likely due to gingivitis or periodontitis – will be made by a dentist or oral surgeon.

What is periodontitis? It is a severe level gum disease that may have started out as nothing more than gingivitis. It worsens and advances, however, when, during inflammatory responses, bone and tissue are destroyed. That is because, during the inflammatory process, gums and teeth begin to separate. When this happens, spaces or pockets develop and can lead, because of trapped bacteria, to severe infection. As a result, the occurrence of tooth loss and bone damage eventually takes place.

What is gingivitis? It is periodontitis at a milder level with redness, bleeding, and swelling of the gums. Ordinarily, poor oral hygiene, a buildup of tartar, or plaque leads to gingivitis. Receiving professional treatment in time, however, can reverse this condition.

What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Periodontal Treatment?

The manner of treatment for gum and tooth damage or disease can vary. The specialists at Guerrino Dentistry can help you determine which of the following will apply to your specific situation where periodontal gum treatment is concerned:

  • Infection and bacteria need to be completely eliminated.
  • Tooth loss must be prevented.
  • Damaged bones and tissues must be re-grown.
  • Gum gaps between teeth, also referred to as "black triangles”, must be reduced.
  • The jawbone must be reshaped to take away the risk of bacterial bone crevice growth.

Choose Guerrino Dentistry For Periodontal Treatment

Starting with exams, running through cleanings, and including periodontal gum treatment and everything in between, Guerrino Dentistry wants to be your dental specialist. We are the one-stop-shop location for numerous individuals and their dental needs. Budget a little tight? No worries. We have various options available involving 0% interest, dental credit cards, insurance plans, and more.

Additionally, some of our staff members are bilingual in order to cater to our Spanish-speaking clientele.

There are several convenient locations, including Mt. Vernon, Scarsdale, and Hartsdale, to make your visit to Guerrino Dentistry quicker and easier. Call today to book a dental exam.

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