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What does guerrinho dentistry offer for porcelain crowns?

Typically, porcelain crowns are offered as part of a treatment process such as for serious tooth decay or receding gums. As a result, our dentists will normally offer our clients various options on the materials that they would like to have their crowns made from. If the choice of porcelain is made, our cosmetic dentists will examine the tooth in question and may take dental X-ray images of it to understand the extent of the damage to be covered and the structure of the tooth. Once that is done, the tooth is then prepared in readiness for the crown.

Preparation can involve filing down portions of the tooth as to fit the crown (our dentists will normally numb the section of the tooth during this process to make it comfortable for you), or filling it up with composite materials if the tooth was severely damaged. Once that is done, the doctor will make an impression of the tooth using a digital scanner (a paste can also be used) and the images or models are then sent to a lab for the crown to be developed.

Once the porcelain crown is ready, our doctors will numb the tooth before placing the crown on it and firmly sealing it in place with special cement. The entire process takes about two to three visits to be completed.