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What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Porcelain Vaneers?

Getting a porcelain veneer is a process that takes several trips to our clinic. During the first trip, our dentists will examine your teeth and at the same time have a discussion with you about what exactly you are trying to achieve with the veneers. In addition to the physical examination, the dentist might also take dental X-rays of your mouth to get a better understanding of your teeth's structure. Once that is done, we will carefully take off a layer of enamel from your teeth that's about the same thickness as the veneer that will be placed there.

During this process, we might numb the treated area so as to make this process more comfortable for you. We then make a model of the tooth which will be sent to a dental laboratory for the veneer model to be made. The last process involves fitting the veneer on to the tooth and bonding it firmly with special cement made for just that purpose. Once that is done, the dentists will trim the veneer to ensure that the fit is perfect and will ask you to come in a few times after the treatment to ensure that the veneer is firmly in place.