Sedation Dentistry

The caring staff at Guerrino Dentistry empathizes with those of our clients that suffer from dentophobia, odontophobia, dental anxiety, or some other term for a fear of dentists. We understand that it is a very real condition and the cause of severe anxiety for over 60% of the population. Though we do everything in our power to make sure that every dental visit is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, sometimes a person’s anxiety is such that they need to be moderately sedated in order to get through a procedure.

Guerrino Dentistry | Sedation Dentistry

Your dentist might recommend sedation dentistry, or you may choose to ask for it, if you have a severe fear of dentists. Additionally, there are ways to calm your nerves prior to a dental visit which can include scheduling an appointment at the lowest-stress time of day, paying close attention to what you drink and eat before the appointment, listening to calming music, breathing exercises, or talking about your fear with someone else. If you are going to undergo a procedure that is likely to involve pain, our dentist will numb the area. Sedation dentistry can be used for more complicated procedures, or if you have dental anxiety.

Why Do You Need Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can be used if a procedure is going to involve excessive surgery or if the patient suffers from a severe fear of dentists. Because we care about our clients and want to make every visit as pleasant as possible, we would like to avoid anxiety just as much as our client would. So, if sedation dentistry is the best course of action, that's what we'll do. Having a patient on the edge of panic is not conducive to their comfort or to the execution of a successfully completed dental procedure. It is not our aim to cause undue stress or discomfort. Quite the contrary, in fact. Though the area in question can be numbed, sedation dentistry may be necessary to reach an outcome that is comfortable for both the patient and the dentist.

What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Sedation Dentistry?

To prevent pain in a specific area of your mouth, local anesthesia can be used. At Guerrino Dentistry, this is a practice that is done on a regular basis. Sometimes, before the injectable local anesthesia is introduced, a topical anesthetic is used which blocks pain transmitting nerves and makes it less painful for the ensuing injection. Depending on the procedure and the patient, however, moderate sedation may be an additional option. Types or methods of sedation dentistry:

  • The use of nitrous oxide is the type of sedation dentistry most commonly practiced. In preparation for your procedure, an inhaled gas relaxes you and keeps you relaxed throughout the procedure.
  • Diazepam, hydroxyzine, lorazepam, triazolam, or some other oral sedative is also an alternative that is used by some dentists.
  • Intravenous sedation is sometimes used, as well.

Choose Guerrino Dentistry For Sedation Dentistry

Guerrino Dentistry understands that not everyone has insurance, so we offer our own insurance plan. Additionally, we can provide dental credit card financing with 0% interest, 100% financing, and more. For the convenience of our Spanish-speaking clientele, most of our staff is bilingual. Make Guerrino Dentistry your one stop for all your dental needs. To schedule an appointment for an exam or to discuss sedation dentistry with us, simply complete this form or call us at the following hotlines: (914) 371-2823 (Hartsdale), (914) 371-2648 (Mt Vernon), and (914) 826-2963 (Scarsdale).

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