You can floss every day, brush every day, and use the newest and most popular products on the market – but you could still end up with gum disease. Visiting a dentist on a regular basis for cleanings and exams can help stave off subgingival issues and the need for surgeries, implants, and more. By visiting Guerrino Dentistry for all your dental needs, you can maintain a healthy smile, regain a confident smile by repairing damage, and devise a plan for future care.

Guerrino Dentistry | Subgingival Treatment

The term subgingival refers to something that occurs or exists under the gums. This particularly applies to anything occurring or being in the crevice between the root or neck of a tooth and the gum margin.

To treat gum conditions and diseases such as periodontitis or gingivitis, implants or periodontal surgery may be required. But, with proper care and preventative maintenance, gum surgery may never be needed. If your dentist discusses subgingival calculus with you, he would be referring to hardened dental plaque or tartar. It is referred to as supragingival when the tartar or calculus forms along the gum line. Subgingival means below the gum while supragingival refers to above the gum.

Guerrino Dentistry can perform any subgingival treatment that you may need. Or, we can assist you in developing and maintaining the proper dental hygiene plan required to stave off the need for such treatment.

Why Do You Need Subgingival Treatment?

After an exam by your dentist, should you require some type of sub gingival treatment, a plan will be discussed with you and devised. Your dentist or an oral surgeon may, as a form of subgingival treatment, decide on periodontal surgery if gingivitis or periodontitis exists. Every patient is different, so rest assured that gingivitis does not necessarily mean you are destined for dental surgery.

Gingivitis can cause swelling, bleeding, and gum redness. It is a mild form of gum disease. Ordinarily, gingivitis results from poor oral hygiene, plaque, and tartar buildup. The sooner you deal with gingivitis, the better chance you stand of not having to deal with periodontitis.

Periodontitis may begin as gingivitis but eventually reaches a point where it is at a far more severe level. After worsening, inflammatory responses that occur will eventually destroy tissue and bone.

What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Subgingival Treatment?

Guerrino Dentistry treats gum disease and other subgingival issues with a variety of plans of attack. The two most common needs for subgingival treatment are periodontitis and gingivitis. A deep cleaning method called scaling and root planing cleans tartar out of pockets that have formed between the tooth and gum. These are perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which leads to infection if not removed. If, however, the tartar is not removed in time, and bone or tooth loss occurs, this may be cause for major dental treatment including but not limited to implants and surgery.

Choose Guerrino Dentistry For Subgingival Treatment

Guerrino Dentistry offers exams to determine whether or not a simple cleaning is all that is needed, or if subgingival issues exist which require a deeper cleaning or more extensive treatment. If your pocketbook is empty or your budget is a little restricted these days, we have insurance plans, dental credit cards, 0% financing, and other benefits with which to work. Additionally, in the interest of assisting our Spanish-speaking clientele, many of our staff members are bilingual.

Guerrino Dentistry has several locations for your convenience, including Scarsdale, Mt. Vernon, and Hartsdale. We want to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to taking care of your dental needs. Call today to book a dental exam.

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