Tooth Extraction

At Guerrino Dentistry, we know all too well that dentophobia (a fear of dentists) is suffered by over 60% of the population. What's worse, when something as invasive as a tooth extraction is thrown into the mix, many would sooner suffer the pain of a broken or decaying tooth than go to the dentist. Whereas, we understand those feelings, we want to assure each and every one of our clients that we will do everything in our power to make their visit as comfortable and painless as possible. Our caring staff members and experienced experts who use the latest techniques and procedures to make everything go as smoothly as possible – even tooth extractions.

Guerrino Dentistry | Tooth Extraction

Your dentist might recommend that you have a tooth extraction done for a number of reasons. The fact remains that it can seem like a scary procedure for many. But with proper sedation (either by simply numbing of the area or using an additional type of general anesthesia), the extraction usually goes according to plan. In some cases, slight complications can arise. But our knowledgeable professionals are well equipped to handle every case on an individual basis regardless of circumstances.

Why Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

This treatment is recommended when a tooth is either missing or no longer viable. There are surgical extractions and simple extractions. If a tooth cannot easily be accessed, has broken under the gum line, or has not fully erupted yet, surgery may be needed to fully extract the tooth. More times than not, however, by simply numbing the area, a simple extraction can be done by pulling the tooth in question. Reasons for needing a tooth extraction, more specifically, can entail one or more of the following:

  • Dental trauma
  • Teeth overcrowding
  • Impacted tooth
  • As a possible solution to periodontal disease
  • Severe decay leaving a tooth irreparable

What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Tooth Extraction?

At Guerrino Dentistry, we are capable of removing a tooth through either surgical or simple extraction methods – whatever fits the occasion. Every person is different, and situations can sometimes present complicating factors. In all likelihood, your dentist will know ahead of time which procedure will work. If, on the other hand, a tooth breaks while it is being extracted, surgery may end up being necessary. But don't worry, if a tooth does need to be removed, provided it is not a wisdom tooth that is being extracted, today's single tooth implants and bridge implants are a great option through which to restore a full, radiant smile.

Choose Guerrino Dentistry For Tooth Extraction

Guerrino Dentistry would like to encourage you, whether it involves concerns you may have or simply interest, to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives regarding any services or dental procedures that we offer. If you've taken great care of your teeth your whole life, or if you’ve maybe slacked off for a number of years, we can help you maintain or retrieve a glowing, well aligned, beautiful smile. To schedule an exam and follow-up tooth extraction with us, simply complete this form or call us at the following hotlines: (914) 371-2823 (Hartsdale), (914) 371-2648 (Mt Vernon), and (914) 826-2963 (Scarsdale).

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