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Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Veneers

What Does Guerrino Dentistry Offer For Veneers?

During our in-office appointments, the Guerrino Dentistry team will condct a smile analysis for you to determine what you are looking for and what's good for you. Our team will then clean your tooth, determine a matching shade for the veneer, and create an impression of your tooth before sending it to our laboratory for production. A temporary veneer will be placed on your tooth in the meantime. When it is time to place the main veneers, we will first clean your tooth with water and pumice.

The veneer is then etched, thoroughly rinse, and air dried. With the aid of dental adhesives and cement, we will place the veneers for exact fit and contour. To ensure that your veneers are properly secured, we will light cure it for about a minute. The finishing touches include removing excess materials and polishing the margins of the veneers. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that we will schedule follow-up appointments with you to ensure that you are comfortable in your veneers.

Why Do You Need Veneers?

If you are looking for a dental treatment option that is less intrusive than traditional braces and crowns, getting veneers is a good idea. Veneers can effectively correct small misalignments or close gaps. That's not all. There are also many reasons to get veneers as a cosmetic solution. They straighten your smile and enhance how bright your smile looks. Chips, fractures, discoloration, etc. can cause teeth to look dull.