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Understanding Dental Implant Anatomy

It is unfortunate that once adult teeth fall off, they do not grow back. Tooth implants are a revolutionary technology that is designed to mimic a real tooth. The natural tooth is made up of the tooth and its root. Most teeth replacements typically replace the visible part of the tooth but a dental implant replaces the tooth and its root. A tooth implant is made up of three parts:

Implant Post

A dental implant looks like a small screw and is made of titanium, which is compatible with the human body. The titanium post is placed in a location that is meticulously calculated, and replaces the tooth root. After some time, the titanium post and the jawbone fuse and make it strong support for the restoration of the tooth.

People considering dental implants must have healthy jawbone mass that can support the implant and healthy gums. If you have soft or thin bone, you will need to undergo a bone grafting procedure. If there is inadequate bone height on your top jaw, or your sinuses happen to be too close to the jaw, treating the sinuses will be necessary. If you smoke or suffer from diabetes or other conditions, you are not eligible for dental implants.


After some time, the implant fuses with the jawbone. Your dentist will fit an abutment to the implant. The tiny piece of metal that connects the titanium post to the tooth is called an abutment. After the abutment is placed, it protrudes above the gum before the tooth is fixed. The abutment typically has a different shape depending on the tooth restoration of your choice.

An abutment can be forged from different materials, mostly titanium, stainless steel zirconia, gold, etc. The dentist considers the strength and hygienic properties of each element before the implant. The abutments are made in a dental lab, customized to your unique specifications.

Tooth Restoration

The tooth restoration is what is visible to everyone. A crown shaped in alignment with the color and shape of the other teeth is fixed to the abutment. The crowns are made if you are missing one or two teeth. Implant-supported dentures or bridges are fixed when you have many teeth missing, rather than making crowns for all the missing teeth.

Before the prosthetic is finally attached, a temporary crown is attached. This temporary crown is for assessing the implant’s load capacity. The temporary crown allows the gum around the gums to mature before the final and permanent crown is fitted.

Caring For The Implants

If you take proper care of them, implants can last a long time, well over 30 years. For the implants’ hygiene, and to prevent bacterial infection, you are advised to:

  • Clean twice a day with a soft toothbrush and low abrasive paste
  • Brush around and under the crown
  • Use an interdental nylon coated brush to reach hard to reach areas
  • Floss daily with implant floss
  • Use an oral irrigator

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