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Understanding Dental Implant Procedure Recovery Time

Dental implant, similar to dental treatments, are unique to each individual’s needs. The dental implant procedure varies on numerous factors such as how the individual manages their recovery and the number of teeth affected. Patients can expect to continue life as normal with minimal to little inconvenience except for the first couple of days after the procedure. Gum swelling, minor bleeding or bruising might occur, but it should dissipate shortly after. A soft diet is necessary for the first couple of days and careful brushing is required.

What Are Some Factors That May Negatively Affect Healing?

Depending highly on each individual’s tolerances and lifestyle choices, these factors will directly impact the healing progress. If a smoker does not avoid smoking for the initial recovery period, it may increase the dental implant recovery time or even cause the implant to fail or be rejected due to gum infection. Dental implant recovery process may be delayed from factors such as poor dieting, lack of dental care, excessive alcohol use and smoking. Bear in mind that the dental implant site is akin to an open wound and needs time to heal and recover. Aggravating it will only impede the recovery time and open up the possibilities to possible infections. Maintaining adequate oral hygiene and home care is essential to recovery and ensure there is no plaque or infection build up around the gums. Speak to your dental professional for the best way to care and maintain for the implant after the procedure.

How Long Should One Expect For The Implant To Heal?

The healing process varies according to each individual. However, once the initial healing takes place, the implant will continue to integrate and bonds with the jawbone. In some cases, the implants can be installed immediately, crown or bridgework can be performed on some 2 months to half a year after the implant placement. Each stage takes approximately 2 months to 6 months to heal before advancing to the next stage of procedure. It is not possible for any dental professional or surgeon to advice on an exact period of time for the implant to heal, however, the recovery speed depends highly on how the individual care for the surgical site.

The dental implant is worth waiting for, as it is one of the best and smartest investment you can make for your physical and emotional wellbeing. The confidence it brings about for you to smile, eat and speak up should not be measured with time. Speak to a dental professional now to understand more about the custom treatment plan that they can provide for you and how to expedite on the recovery. If you have yet to speak to any dental professional, visit Guerrino Dentistry. Their team of professional and friendly dentists will help to see through your dental implant process and be with you on the road to restore your beautiful smile.