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Understanding The Differences Between Dental Implants And Dentures

Missing teeth can be detrimental to your health and overall self-esteem. Tooth loss exposes your gums to bacteria, which could lead to an infection that will most likely cause gum disease. When this happens, it puts you at an increased risk of diabetes or heart disease, both of which can cause serious medical complications. You should, however, not feel ashamed as tooth loss is quite common across all ages. Studies have shown that close to 70% of adults aged between 35 and 44 suffer from tooth loss. Other statistics show that approximately one in four people aged over 74 have no teeth at all.

In the past, our forefathers used to make dentures from metal fasteners, human bone, and hippopotamus ivory. Luckily, with the advancement of science and technology, we have better teeth replacement options in the form of modern dental implants and dentures. Below is a quick look at what each tooth replacement option is all about.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have become popular over the years and many people are opting for them over dentures as a more permanent fix to teeth loss. Dental implants are more durable and will reduce the need to make several dentist appointments as they are easier to maintain in comparison to dentures. They look and feel more natural and do not need glue to be attached unlike dentures, which might fall off if not attached properly with the right adhesive.

On the flip side, dental implants are much more expensive than dentures and may not be suitable for patients. They are also not removable and do not give you as much freedom to let your gums breathe as in the case of dentures. It is, however, good to note that dental implants will save you more money in the long run.


Dentures are often sold in a full or partial set. They are removable teeth replacement options that are most popular among people who are missing a large set of teeth. Dentures have evolved over the centuries due to advancements in modern technology which have made them appear more natural and well suited for the human face. For anyone with weak or unhealthy jaws, they are a better choice as compare to dental implants. Dentures are less expensive, and they give you more freedom to let your gums breath in comparison to dental implants, which are often permanent solutions.

The disadvantages of choosing dentures instead of dental implants are quite significant. Dentures can fall off when one is speaking or eating if they were not attached to the jaw using the right denture adhesive. This can be quite embarrassing and damaging to your self-esteem. Dentures also require a lot of care and maintenance, which can be time-consuming and tedious. They also require regular cleaning and replacement when they start showing signs of wear. This means you will be spending more money to get a new set.

Before you decide on which tooth replacement option you want to go for, consult with your dentist. He or she will help you come up with a plan that best suits your needs. At Guerrino Dentistry, our team of board certified dental care professionals will perform a comprehensive dental examination and help you decide on the best possible option.