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What Goes On During A Typical Dental Implant Consultation?

Dental implants are a corrective procedure that is used to solve missing teeth issues. The procedure is highly popular and involves the surgical insertion of a titanium rod into the gum line so as to fuse with the jaw bone. When properly fused, a crown or bridge is placed on top of the titanium rod to act as an artificial tooth.

Dental implants have been around for a long time and the technology has been perfected over the years. Today, the procedure is painless, and implants can be designed to match the precise color of a patient's teeth. This makes it impossible for anyone to tell the difference. When visiting a dentist for dental implants, here is what you can expect.

Pre-surgery Consultation

Before your dentist can perform a dental implant procedure, it is important for him or her to assess your suitability for the procedure. In particular, your dentist will be looking at the general health of your teeth, as well as any underlying conditions that may require special care. For example, if your jawbone has a loss of mass, it could cause the implant to fail as the implant is supposed to fuse with the jaw bone.

Other problems that may concern your dentist would be conditions such as diabetes that could cause complications during surgery. During this phase, your dentist will also discuss other issues such as financing and overall oral health goals.

Assessment and Planning

Once you are cleared for the operation, your dentist will examine the area where the implant will be placed and take a 3-D scan that assesses the density of your jaw bone's mass. The impression also helps dentists know if there will be additional procedures that need to be undertaken before the surgery is done. Such procedures include grafting which is designed to add bone mass.

Implant Procedure

To reduce the possibility of pain and discomfort, your dentist will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area being operated on. If there are teeth that need to be removed before the process, this is the point where it will happen. The implants will be inserted into the gum and left for a while to heal. The healing duration varies depending on a variety of factors. It can last from several weeks to months. To make chewing easier, your dentist may place a temporary bridge above the implant. When the implant is completely healed, the temporary bridge will be removed and a permanent one or a crown will be put in its place.


In the months after the surgery, it is important to go for periodic checks to ensure that the implant is still firmly in place and that there are no complications.

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