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Why Dental Implants Are Becoming So Popular

More people are opting for dental implants than dentures. Research has shown that hundreds of thousands of individuals get dental implants in the United States per year. This can be attributed to the fact they function and look like natural teeth. Moreover, they last longer than other teeth replacement alternatives such as dentures.

The Reasons Behind Its Success

Below is a list of major reasons as to why dental implants are gaining popularity:

  • Durability and reliability

Dental implants are more durable compared to other teeth replacement options. They have to, however, be taken care of by regular gentle brushing to maintain high hygiene standards. They are normally tightly fitted to the jaw bone through screwing thus ensuring that they stay in place. This helps minimize slips and falling off and hence you do not need to worry about them coming out while you are dining out.

  • Improved functionality

Dental implants improve your chewing ability and enable you to speak properly. This is due to the fact they are firmly attached to the jawbone thus reducing the dislodging of overlying teeth. This causes robustness allowing one to chew easily compared to when one uses traditional teeth replacement options such as dentures.

  • Improved facial appearance

Through osseointegration, dental implants anchor themselves on the jawbone and act as artificial roots. Osseointegration is the process by which dental implants bond to the bone tissue of a missing tooth’s socket. This is essential since the jaw bone tissue begins to erode where there are missing teeth due to the lack of roots to stimulate its growth. Additionally, dental implants prevent mouth regression, a condition common to denture-wearers associated with a sunken, caved-in facial appearance. By preventing bone deterioration and resorption, dental implants reduce loss of jawbone height.

  • Great success-rate

Dental implants have a greater survival rate than other conventional teeth replacement alternatives. This is due to the constant technological advancements made to improving the quality of the materials used to make the implants. Most notably, these materials cause no allergic reactions in patients.

  • Invisibility

Due to the fact they are very similar in physical appearance to natural teeth, dental implants blend in perfectly with other teeth. Moreover, they do not need to be removed to allow for cleaning. In fact, after a few months, the sensation of the dental implants seems to disappear. You may end up forgetting that you have dental implants. Consequently, feel free to smile in public!

Thinking of Getting Dental Implants?

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