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Why Should Seniors Choose Dental Implants?

As life goes by, one cannot escape the eventuality of old age. With this comes the hustle of teeth falling off and gum disease that make it difficult for you to share meals with loved ones. However, this should not mean a downgrade in your quality of life because everyone regardless of their age wants to be social and live well. At times, most people opt to get dentures to remedy the issue of missing teeth. This is quite disadvantageous since dentures make gums sore and may fall off easily. However, you do not have to worry about dentures anymore because dental implants are much better as they have no set age bracket and therefore can used by everyone.

What Are The Merits Of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are slowly becoming the convention since more and more dentists are now using them as the standard care of replacing missing teeth. This is greatly attributed to the fact that dentures cause irreversible damage to the jaw compromising a patient’s chewing ability. Below are other reasons why people prefer dental implants over dentures:

  • Support and preservation of the jaw

Dental implants not only prevent the dislodging of your teeth but also support them effectively to prevent their movement. Furthermore, they prevent bone loss unlike dentures and therefore, preserve the jaw bone. This allows you to eat comfortably and get the essential nutrition with ease.

  • An investment

Carefully placed dental implants can last for the entirety of your life and hence are a great health investment for you.

  • Invisible

Due to the fact they are very similar in physical appearance to real teeth, dental implants blend in well with the rest of the teeth. You therefore, do not have fear that they will be exposed to everyone. So, smile more!

  • Improvement in speech

Most patients with dentures experience difficulties in their speech due to slip in dentures over time. This is not the case for those who opt for dental implants which are much more robust and reliable thus improving your speech.

  • Bio-acceptable

Dental implants are made completely from materials that do not repulse or agitate the human body in anyway. As a result, they do not cause any allergies to patients. Dentures on the other hand are known to be made of materials that cause allergic reactions in some people.

  • Low maintenance

Dentures require a lot of maintenance to ensure that they remain in top form. They have to be cleaned outside the mouth and even taken out at night. This is quite a hustle! This is completely the opposite in the use of dental implants as they require much less maintenance for a long lasting lifetime. Dental implants are taken care of like real teeth and do not have to be removed.

Ready To Ditch Those Dentures and Get Dental Implants?

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